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Rebuilding what yoga is.

Forest Maiden Yoga seeks to bring the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. This program features teachers from the Black, Indigenous, People of Color community (BIPOC) within yoga and is proud to highlight the value of diversity and inclusion within the health and wellness space. Forest Maiden Yoga is a welcoming space that encourages mindfulness and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle to yogis of all experiences and ages. Through meditation, breath, and movement, we hope to help nurture the love, peace, and kindness within every student.

Yoga at Home


Nghi Tran

Owner and instructor Nghi Tran has been involved in fitness most of her life. As a professional ballroom dancer, her experience in athletics and yoga has expanded her knowledge of movement and given her a way to connect her mental and emotional state to her body. Through yoga, she has been able to work through years of trauma buried in her mind and body. Despite her challenges growing up in a disenfranchised environment, her family and community taught her the importance of taking care of herself and others. This is why she believes yoga can be used as a vehicle for change and healing. In addition to offering private yoga lessons, Forest Maiden Yoga also offers community drop-in classes via Zoom. Her online community classes are meant to expose yoga to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. From California to Boston, she has had the pleasure of having students from all over the United States join her classes. 


With Forest Maiden Yoga, Nghi hopes to give communities better tools to cope and unravel their emotions.The path to healing can be a lonely one. With yoga, a little faith, and patience, one can find the inner peace that can lead to one’s eternal freedom.


“My classes involve a connection of mind, body, 

spirit, and a desire to heal. “ 


  • 1 hr

    150 US dollars

  • 1 hr

    200 US dollars

  • 1 hr

    150 US dollars

  • 1 hr 30 min

    250 US dollars

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